The SCooSA Story

The SCooSA was developed as a traveling pipe cabinet and workstation. Select the pipes and tobaccos you want from your stock and cellar and load them up for a pipe club meeting or a week’s vacation. The Self-Contained “oot-the-hoose” Smoking Attache will have you as prepared to enjoy your pipe as if you were in your own lounge.

I smoked a favorite tobacco nearly exclusively for 8 years. In the spring of 2018, I went to re-order my usual pound of that bulk blend – only to be told that it was no longer available, as the company that produced it had closed their doors.  In my search to find an alternate, I discovered the on-line pipe world of forums, YouTube, retailers, and clubs. I joined a tobacco sample subscription service and started attending regular meeting of my local pipe club. This led to having more and more tobaccos to sample and enjoy in varying amounts and having more pipes dedicated to experimenting with them, and that led to a problem of conveniently transporting all of that.

While attending club meetings, I saw folks carrying pipes in socks, bags, and sunglasses cases, and storing tobaccos in tins, jars, baggies, and pouches. Even when someone had a dedicated multi-pipe bag, it would still only hold one tobacco (usually a flat, round, European 50g tin) and one size of lighter or tool. Heaven help you if you used a Zippo, or needed to rub out a flake. Most club members I saw carried a pipe bag AND another bag for all the other things they might want at hand to smoke a pipe, as well as a tray for cutting plugs or rubbing out flakes, and a couple of canning jars of cellar tobacco.

In the meantime, my own collection of tobaccos was expanding, and for the first time in my long smoking career, it included types that required additional work. Plugs, ropes, flakes that needed to be cut and rubbed out, then set aside to rest. I had a dozen 1/2 ounce sample bags and several open tins all drying out without me getting the chance to taste them at their best. I went out in search of small containers that could hold this tobacco under a good enough seal that I could get to them at my leisure. When I found those, I realized that I had solved one of the problems I was seeing my fellow smokers have, which was how to transport tobacco from tins, bags, and jars of different sizes in a single case. When it occurred to me that the case could be a hard-sided pipe rack whose cover could include a work surface, I felt like I had found the last puzzle piece.

I experimented with the design on my own until I was satisfied that I had a solution for my own needs. The next step was to get the opinions of other pipe smokers who have different needs. I was able to turn to my local club for this, and held a focus group with a half-dozen interested members and the two prototypes I had constructed. Their feedback was invaluable. In addition to having collections of different sizes and shapes of pipes, hearing about where, when, and how much they smoke their pipes led to most of the changes you see in the final product here.

SCooSA Particulars

The standard case is built around three stainless steel, dishwasher safe tins which will hold about 1 oz/25g of loose tobacco and seal against an FDA approved silicone gasket to keep your tobacco fresh for up to two weeks. This arrangement makes the maximum length of pipe about 7″/175mm. If you prefer shorter pipes; a case can be made with two of the 1oz/25g tins and one 1/2oz/12g tin which brings the pipe space down to about 6″/150mm. 4-pipe cases have one longer pipe space under the stand to the left of the tray. This will allow you to carry an 8″/200mm pipe in the standard configuration.

Each SCooSA comes with a stainless steel tin which houses a cork knocker and serves as an ashtray.

Additionally, every SCooSA comes with a UHMW-PE work surface. This is an FDA approved and dishwasher-safe cutting board material. It is flexible enough to be rolled up and used as a pipe-loading funnel. It is also stiff and durable enough to handle the slicing of plug or rope tobaccos.

Also integrated into each case is a pipe stand and an 1 1/8″/28mm deep accessories tray which is optionally divisible on the 4 pipe SCooSAs.   Case is held closed by invisible magnetic closures.


Available in 2 or 4 pipe configurations.

Choice of pipe space: Either 2″/50mm wide and 2 7/8″/73mm deep (Regular) or 2 1/4″/57mm wide and 3 3/8″/86mm deep (Large) – note size applies to the entire case.

Case is finished with either an adjustable shoulder strap or a short carrying handle. 

Typically, the case contains silicone grommets that the stems of your pipes will fit through. There is a feature that allows you to put you pipes into the case bowl first, over a soft plastic arm.  The arm’s height can be easily adjusted to line up with most pipe’s bowls, or can be removed entirely.  If you wish, you can forgo these features in favor of a larger stem-hole and keep your pipes in leather or fabric socks.

Standard leather colors are black, tan, or cordovan, however custom case materials and leather colors available upon request (extra cost may apply).

Prices are $375 for the 2 pipe case and $425 for 4 pipe case in the standard configurations and leathers colors and includes delivery to the continental US. Half is due as a deposit to start work, and the balance will be due at completion. Delivery is typically within 6-8 weeks.

As each order is custom-made, we request that you contact us via email to start the order process.
Email us at:

PayPal and personal checks accepted.

In addition to thanking all the members of The Chicagoland Pipe Collectors Club and in particular those who took part in the focus group, I would like to thank my wife, Mary. Her support for this project has been beyond just the partnership one would hope for, or even tolerating all the long nights tinkering in the shop or fretting over details. Her input includes real design improvements present in the finished cases and the building of this website. You would not have heard of the SCooSA or being reading these words without her involvement.